Rockwell Associates provides a wide variety of services to ensure that your trees and landscape are selected carefully, maintained accurately and preserved properly.

Complete Tree Inventories concentrate on gathering the most accurate information as it relates to the health and stability of your trees. This inventory can also include recommendations relating to hazard/risk assessments, maintenance practices and plant health care.

  • Tree and Landscape Appraisals
    occur as a result of many factors such as hurricanes, tornados, ice storms, fires, and other natural disasters. Many times these situations are not predictable and cannot be avoided. Rockwell Associates will aid you during this difficult time to properly assess the damage and bring your property back to its pre-casualty condition.

  • After tree damage has occurred, you may seek an Expert Opinion for an official and legal opinion on the subject matter. A Consulting Arborist provides Expert Opinion as a result of education, training, skills and experience.

A tree is diagnosed as hazardous due to structural problems and having a direct target. A Hazard & Risk Tree Assessment will inventory all trees on the property, state their current condition and provide recommendations for longevity and stability of these trees.

There are many different insects and diseases that can affect a tree/shrub. Furthermore, the time of diagnosis may not be the right time for treatment. Through Insect and Disease Diagnosis and Management Rockwell Associates will properly diagnose the issue and provide proper recommendations for treatment.

Whether you are undergoing a major construction project or creating a simple addition to your house, Tree Preservation and Retention will be an important factor for you to review. Rockwell Associates will be able to review the proposed area for construction and communicate to you if a tree should be saved and the correct way to minimize trauma to the tree.

One of the most important parts of creating a landscape is careful planning and proper selection. Through Landscape Design and Architecture Planning, Rockwell Associates will review the property and consider factors such as geographic location, soil type, maintenance requirements, and insect and disease tolerance to aid in the selection of trees and shrubs that will thrive on your property and that will be most aesthetically pleasing.

Preparing a contract can be a difficult task, whether it is for grounds maintenance, a tenant's lease or a construction project. With landscape and tree maintenance, you want to ensure that you are including the proper tasks needed, obtaining fair pricing and excluding tasks that are not needed. Rockwell Associates provides Contract Consulting and Preparation to make certain that this criteria is met and all terms and conditions are clear.

Through Landscape and Tree Monitoring you will have peace of mind knowing that the industry-certified experts from Rockwell Associates are performing routine inspections and assessments to address current issues and provide recommendations resulting in a written report.

Plant Health Care is just as important as selecting the proper trees/shrubs for a particular area. The key to a successful landscape is providing the proper nutrients and ensuring suitable environmental conditions are present. Expert Arborists can correctly identify insects and diseases and determine the best method for treatment. In addition, Rockwell Associates will provide soil testing and fertilizer applications so that your trees receive just the right nutrients they need to live a long life.

Through Urban Forestry/Wooded Lot Management, arborists are able to carefully care for and manage tree populations in urban settings meanwhile improving the environment. Through proper education, advanced skills and extensive experience, Rockwell Associates can help to make your outdoor surroundings environmentally beneficial for all.

Municipal Tree Ordinance Writing is a very important part of today's communities. Tree Ordinances are methods put in place by communities to create a healthy, aesthetically-pleasing environment through their trees. These industry standards must be incorporated into a management plan to fully benefit the community. Rockwell Associates will assess the situation, review all facts involved and develop a management plan that incorporates these methods.

Report Writing is a complete compilation of all facts relating to a specific arboricultural situation. These detailed reports include many sections such as an Introduction, Summary, Purpose and Use, Discussion, Conclusion and more. A Registered Consulting Arborist will prepare the report as per industry standards and include any research that pertains to the current situation.

When two or more parties cannot reach a resolution relating to an Arboricultural issue, Mediation is necessary. A Registered Consulting Arborist can arrange to be present to assist the parties involved in reaching a mutual beneficial decision.

Rockwell Associates can also provide Arbitration for two or more parties involving a tree-related issue. In this instance, a Registered Consulting Arborist will be present and present the facts of a particular situation for an Arbitrator to award a decision that will be legally binding.

Your tree/landscape company may have great employees and excellent management but sales are below the anticipated goals. Or your sales are above projected numbers and you have great employees but presenting your information to your client could use improvement.

Rockwell Associates is your solution! Rockwell Associates possesses over 15 years of tree/landscape consulting services from writing informative estimates and acquiring sales to performing the work and exceeding the expectations of the customer.

Rockwell Associates can assist your company in the following areas:

  • ♦ Preparing a complete and detailed estimate for your customer to inform them of all aspects of the proposed work
  • ♦ Sales training for your team to raise the conversion rate of estimates to sales
  • ♦ Acquiring accurate meeting notes and the appropriate handling of them following a meeting
  • ♦ Constructing a suitable contract for a specific job
  • ♦ Determining a logical construction schedule allowing delivery of your completed project under budget and on time
  • ♦ Completing work with the assistance of sub-contractors
    ♦ Appropriate client/contractor communication before, during and after the job